Early WW2 British MKIV Special 'T' Mic Service Respirator, Haversack & Accessories (Untouched)

An un-touched, fresh to the market, British MkIV special 'T' Mic service respirator with its original haversack and un-touched accessories, this includes a full tin of tubed anti-gas no.3 ointment (undisturbed since issue), a rarely encountered wad of cotton waste to clean the lens, eye shields and tin of anti-dimming compound (light rusting on eye shield rivets).
Designated the Special 'T' due to having a microphone port fitted on the wearers left-side.
All components on the gas mask are 1941 dated, even on the early stockinette face covering, the rubber backed face mask, corrugated hose & harness pad remain very pliable/supple, still with elasticity in cradle straps.
The ointment tin has some minor indentations after being housed in the external pocket for 80 years, an impression of the tin is evident on the haversack pocket, totally undisturbed till now, some dirt marks present on the haversack but still in very good condition.
Please study the additional images.
Sorry, UK sale only, display piece only.

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